God on the Quad – Reviews

It’s the Deity, Dude
The Washington PostJuly 10, 2005

A Higher Education
Crisis June 14, 2005

The University Under the Microscope
There’s hope for higher ed.

May 19, 2005

Q&A: Exploring the Rise of Religious Universities
Q&A with Naomi Schaefer Riley

May 6, 2005

Religious Schools Train Lawyers for Culture Wars
May 6, 2005

Myths of the Faith-Based Campus
Why Blue America need not be appalled by religious colleges.
May 4, 2005

Have faith in governing
April 13, 2005

Students seeking answers on faith
April 13, 2005

Higher Learning
Commentary April 2005

More Students Applying to America’s Religious Colleges
March 29, 2005

Finding and keeping faith, in 10 new religious titles
March 27, 2005

Between Heaven and Hell, Religious Colleges Thrive
The Chronicle of Higher Education March 18, 2005

Religious colleges contribute to improving the whole society
March 15, 2005

A savvier breed of missionary student
March 15, 2005

The new school spirit
By Jay Tolson

March 14, 2005

Religious Colleges Coming of Age
March 12, 2005

Mission to Blue America
By Marvin Olasky

March 12, 2005

Faith Based
By Benjamin Healy
The New Republic
March 10, 2005

New missionaries
By Nancy Sheehan
March 4, 2005

The Red State kids are alright
By Brian Goslow
February 24, 2005

By Arnold Ahlert
New York Post
February 20, 2005

God takes many forms on U.S. religious campuses
By Albert B. Southwick
February 20, 2005

Sex on the Religious Campus
By Stanley Kurtz

February 9, 2005

Religion in the media
The Dallas Morning News
February 9, 2005

The Old College Try
By Rachel Donadio

The New York Times
February 6, 2005

Q&A with Naomi Schaefer Riley
By Mary A. Jacobs

The Dallas Morning News
February 4, 2005

Review of God on the Quad
By Jonathan Berry
February 2, 2005

Keeping Up With Christ on Campus
Review by James Kirchick
January 31, 2005

The reinvention of Hillary Clinton
By Suzanne Fields
January 31, 2005

Looking at why college students pick religiously affiliated schools
By Wendy Hoke
January 30, 2005

God Power on Campus
Review by Peter Steinfels

The New York Times
January 16, 2005

‘Quad’ looks at religious colleges
Review by Susan Whitney

January 16, 2005

Their Idea of a University
Review by Charlotte Allen
Wall Street Journal
January 5, 2005

A new view of red vs. blue
Review by Roger K. Miller
December 26, 2004

Review of God on the Quad
November 29, 2004

Magazine examines virtues and values
Commentary by Robert Z. Nemeth

November 21, 2004